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Here at, you will surely find a durable diaphragm pump that is capable of standing up to the heavy-duty application that you intend on performing.

We have a large selection of low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure Comet diaphragm pumps that will aid you in your attempt to spray agricultural materials such as pesticides, herbicides, liquid fertilizers and other hard-to-handle liquids. Furthermore, these Comet diaphragm pumps are ideal for agricultural spraying applications, pressure washing applications, dust suppression, mold removal, lawn care, pest control, foam insulation, and much more.

Choose from our wide selection of Comet BP Series, MC Series, MP Series, P Series, APS Series, IDS Series and MC Electric Series diaphragm pumps. We also have Repair Kits that are intended to fix problems on your existing Comet diaphragm pump, such as a worn out valve or broken diaphragm.

**Note: Not every pump we sell here on includes a pressure regulator and gearbox, so be sure to check which pump includes a pressure regulator and gearbox. Usually if the name of the pump ends in 'GR' it includes a pressure regulator and gearbox. For instance, the P48GR comes with the pressure regulator and gearbox, while the P48 does not include them. Otherwise, the pressure regulator is available individually and can be purchased separately.


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